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Knee and elbow warmer

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neck pack

Basic Pack


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Natures way




Shoulder Pack - HP110 For relaxing and easing the the stress of the day




Eye Pillow - HP102 For reducing those bags under your eyes or easing yourself to sleep




Belted Lumbar pack - HP104 Problems with your lower back? Try the lumbar pack instead of a heating pad and let the warm herbs ease muscle pain and promote healing



Jumbo Basic Pack - HP 105 For all around use. Keep at home or in your exercise bag. They are just great to have around!



Knee and Elbow Pack - HP 107 Our handy velcro straps help to keep the pack secure to your knees or elbows. Great for easing the strain of injury.



Foot Warmer - Hp 106 For those cold winter mornings or for treating tired sore overworked feet.



Neck Pack - Hp 103 Where while sitting at the computer or watching TV. Relax on the plane. Enjoy the soothing herbs in any evironment.



Basic Pack - HP 101 Keep at home or take any where with you. It is always good just to have a basic pack with you!




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