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There is nothing better than a good massage. As a pilot I have had the pleasure of experiencing many varieties of Massage Therapists and their various styles. Barbara is by far the best. Massage Therapists are artists and ourminds and bodies are their medium. Barbara is a master in her genre. Ashiatsu is a wonderful and rare type of massage that soothes the muscles and relaxes the mind. Barbara also integrates other styles to create her own unique combined form of massage. I have noticed aspects of LaStone, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports medicine styles incorporated in her fabulous massages. The way Barbara combines her various styles makes her the best massage therapist I have had the good fortune to come across. I look forward to my sessions with Barbara. Just the idea of making an appointment can get me through a tough week. I would recommend Barbara to anyone! Whether you are a massage connoisseur or just want to feel what a real massage should be, you need to make an appointment with Barbara today.

Stacey Scott Pilot

Independence Air


Thanks to Barbara Brownell, I feel better than I have in years--literally.  Unfortunately, I was in 3 serious car accidents within 15 years, each of which further debilitated me.  I knew that I was uncomfortable, stiff, sore, and even felt "crooked"--that one of my shoulders always seemed higher than the other--but I didn't realize to what extent until I started receiving her therapeutic massage.  After the initial 3 therapy sessions, I began weekly appointments.  At first, I almost couldn't wait until the next appointment because in between, I would start to feel "locked up" again.  However, within 3 months, the positive effects began to last longer and longer.  

 Because of her integrity and professional knowledge, Barbara's guidance and advice have been invaluable.  She has introduced me to products and stretching, posture, and exercise techniques that relieve pain and promote health and wellness.  My pain has decreased and my mobility, endurance, flexibility, and overall ability to enjoy life have increased dramatically.  Despite the short time I've known her, Barbara has made a huge difference in my life.  I am glad to know her and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone!    


Sarah Curtin


I just want to say what a gift it was to meet Barbara Brownell .  She has helped me so much with her Ashiatsu massage therapy .  I have Non-Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and have quite a bit of discomfort in my lower legs and feet.  I also have arthritis like so many others.  It is in my neck and my spine and getting Ashiatsu Massage from Barbara is a wonderful relief from my aches and pains.  She is the best Masseus I have ever known and I would not have the least hesitation recommending her to others.  
If you are able to get Barbara Brownell for your Massage Therapist, you will truly be one of the lucky ones.  

Susan Jane Gray - a very grateful client!



Spending an hour of massage with Barbara is like spending 24 hours at a luxurious spa.   With the special shiatsu massage and hot stone therapy, I truly feel like a queen.    Having a regular massage with Barbara is so important to me, it is part of my regular schedule.  Barbara is like the ATM, a microwave, or a digital camera - once you have the experience, you wonder how you ever survived before without it! 
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