Ashiatsu is an ancient form of bodywork that started with Buddhist Monks, first from China and then from Thailand and Japan. Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy®, sometimes referred to as barefoot Shiatsu, is a well documented, effective technique for the treatment of chronic lower back and neck pain, and is recognized by the American Medical Association. This unique deep pressure work is performed with soothing strokes that are applied to all areas of the back using hand and foot pressure to milk the muscles, open chakras and release toxins. This treatment is guaranteed to induce deep relaxation, relieve tight muscles and to stimulate the body's own self-healing capabilities.

Hot Stones used in massage have been around for a VERY long time--with evidence of stones being used for healing purposes dating back before written history. Ancient civilizations believed that hot stones were beneficial for cleansing the body, relaxing the heart, grounding the soul and soothing the mind. Hot Lava Stones, used in conjuction with both Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy and classic Swedish Massage, will be sure to melt away your pain and stress. This exotic treatment involves the placement of heated polished lava stones on pressure and chakra points, while the application of oil on stones is applied to the skin.


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"Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is the most luxurious deep tissue massage on the planet. Very deep soothing strokes are applied to the muscles of the back, arms and legs using hand and foot pressure on strategic points, creating a push-pull-pumping effect which rids the body of harmful toxins and results in a truly deep, relaxing and rejuvenating experience."







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Your body blanketed in warmth with aromatic oils will encourage deep relaxation.

"Ashi" means foot, and "atsu" means pressure. AOBT therapists use different strokes with the pressure of their feet on strategic points parallel to the spine, creating a push-pull-pumping effect on the soft tissue that surrounds the intervertebral disc space. Mobilization above and befow the joints naturally takes place due to the deep compression to surrounding muscle, which also allows the nucleus pulposus (the gel that gives discs their support) a chance to return to where it should be. Symptoms and pain can diminish in as little as two sessions!

Clients report they're not feeling the uncomfortable poking sensation that deep tissue work with thumbs and elbows can often instill in them. Because with AOBT we're working with our feet, it's a much smoother, flowing, gliding type of movement covering a larger area and therefore extremely comfortable for the client. With AOBT, there have been great results for clients with chronic low back pain.






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