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Sports massage utilizes specific massage techniques to assist athletes during performance, both in training and in competition. Benefits include:

improved circulation
improved muscle tone
more flexible joints
reduced risk of injury
enhanced performance
decreased muscle soreness


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Types of Sports Massage


Warms up muscles and tendons through the use of invigorating techniques in preparation for intensive use. Ideally used immediately prior to starting the event, pre-event work also gives athletes the chance to prepare mentally for maximal performance. A typical session is 10 to 15 minutes duration.


After cooling down, post-event massage can help to relax tight muscles, relieve cramping and reduce recovery time. Decreased muscle soreness is an added benefit! A 15 to 30 minute session is typical.

Training Massage:

Used regularly during training, sports conditioning massage can improve flexibility as well as take care of muscle problems before they impair performance. Sports massage can help to prevent injury and reduce recovery time from many sports related injuries.

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